New Season

I just finished packing my bags (each of them way exactly 30 lbs — I’d like to think I’m just that good of a packer!) I’m so used to being able to go to Walmart at my slightest whim that trying to pack and plan for four months has been a completely new experience.

Well, I’m on my way! It’s official, though still surreal. I don’t think it will be real in the sense that Labri is the reality that defines my current existence until I step through the door, am shown my room, and begin working on making the unfamiliar familiar, and soon afterwards, home for this season.

It’s strange going into a commitment like this (I’m a slight commitment-aphobe anyway) knowing so little what to expect. But that’s part of the adventure! (I keep telling myself.) And it’s true. I am most fortunate to have friends and family to remind me of such and to support me, even in the face of pragmatic pressures to exist merely as a cog in the machine. So thank you. Thank you, each of you for all your love and support, your edification and joy.

Many more posts to come, so keep checking on it. And if I haven’t written as quickly as I should have in between posts and you’re wondering what I’m up to and how I’m doing… Ask. 🙂

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