People You Should Know

These are some of the people at L’Abri with whom I will be working next term. They are all really wonderful and I’m excited about developing the relationships that began last term as well as starting new ones.

My good friend Valerie, whom you know from a previous post as the master of cream of spinach soup. She and Erin and I will be roommates. Val is super smart and super fun. She challenges me and keeps me in line; she encourages me and comforts me. I enjoy her friendship very much.
This is Jon, or “Jon-boy” as we [Kay] sometimes call[s] him. We have lots of fun together, especially reading, knitting, and watching Firefly with Jasie. (They knit; I read.) Jon and Val and I are partners in crime, ensuring that there’s always a healthy amount of mischief about. 🙂 I appreciate Jon in many ways, one of which being his work ethic and his unique ability to serve.

Rhett was on the same bus (and probably train come to think of it) I was on to L’Abri on day one. I remember seeing him and one other person my age and thinking, ‘I bet they’re both going to L’Abri too — and sure enough. Rhett and Val and I often play chess and Scrabble together. He is fun to hang out with and talk to; he’s pretty darn smart; everyone enjoys his sense of humor and his perspective on things.

Erin will be doing some editing with me as we work to prepare Greg’s books for the publisher. She’s super fun and very sweet and encouraging. I’m looking forward to rooming with her.

Tim, aka: Timmy Freedom (note the bandanna), is also strutting his stuff at the Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Walk-Off. Tim was a helper last term (with Val): the king of grounds crews and baked goods. (Several women proposed marriage in response to his chocolate desserts.) Tim is accepting of everyone — really, everyone — a quality for which I admire him.

This is John. I hope he doesn’t mind my stealing this picture from his facebook. 🙂 John was a student during a term prior to my term last fall and is returning this upcoming term as a helper. The workers are excited about him coming back, and word on the street is John is a wiz at media related work and will be doing some of that for L’Abri. I look forward to meeting him in person.

Last but not least and from left to right: Thomas, Jasie, and Kay. These brave souls work and live in Bellevue with the students. They’re full-time staff at L’Abri, which means they work like crazy for little pay. Each of them cooks dinner at least once a week. Thomas and Jasie facilitate formal lunch discussions, give lectures, and have weekly tutorials with students. Jasie, as you know is my tutor and friend; I could go on and on about her. I could go on and on about each of them. Kay takes care of us all like Mom away from home. And Thomas is really passionate about, well lots of things — he’s very smart and has studied (and continues to study) much philosophy and theology and is able to relate those ideas well to students during lunches and lectures.
Now you’ll know who I’m talking about in stories to come. I’ll be there in 6 days, hooray!

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