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Slaves, Women & Homosexuals

I really enjoyed this book, and I recommend it. If you pick it up, I recommend you read part one and three; skip the middle. The middle is rather laborious. In this book, Webb is suggesting a matrix from within … Continue reading

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Speak What We Feel

So I am unashamedly stealing this title from Frederick Buechner, who borrowed it for his book from Shakespeare’s King Lear. Buechner’s book is important to me. It has taught me about writing and about life. I wish I had my … Continue reading

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Summer Schedule

Monday: (Prayer Meeting); Cook lunch at Chesalet with Karryn; Clean Farel Tuesday: Study; Edit; Internet collection/night office Wednesday: Clean Bellevue; (Lecture); Study (Movie Night — this is not my job; it’s just when movies are shown.) Thursday: Day off Friday: … Continue reading

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Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been chilln’ off the Costa Brava in Northern Spain with a few friends from L’Abri. We were staying at the vacation home of a L’Abri alumni couple, and the way we earned our keep … Continue reading

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