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Presidential Debate

For whatever it’s worth, messages I got from watching the debate: Either McCain is highly misinformed about what Obama is saying and voting for and against, or he his advisers think he’s a better spindoctor than he is. How many … Continue reading

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Speak What We Feel: Virtuous or Vicious?

A former professor of mine made the following observation about speaking what we feel. I really appreciated the conversation that came out of it and felt that it speaks directly of the underlying hope for balance within the idea of … Continue reading

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Dangerous Wonder

Michael Yaconelli, or Mike as he likes to be called, is an unpretentious pastor of a small church in northern California who grew up under the oppression of legalism and has been fighting his way out since. He is the … Continue reading

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I’m fortunate, I know, because at the end of the day, regardless of the doctrines I disagree with and the things that really get me fired up and even down right angry, no matter what arrogant and shallow-minded, young, ‘We Know Everything’ attitude reveals itself in something I say or do, despite all of those things, we know each other. We love each other, these churches and I; it’s family and it’s home. There are endearing quirks and irritating entrenchments. We fight it out and laugh it off; we overlook certain things and agree to disagree. And it’s worth it. It’s worth putting up with and it’s nice to know I’m worth putting up with too. Continue reading

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