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First Grade Sunday School

Here’s a funny story from my first week back on rotation with my favorite first graders: The kids got out of Sing Time a bit early, so we’re sitting around the table catching up. They seem just as happy to … Continue reading

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President Elect

Regardless of who you voted for, January 20, 2009 is going to be a fine day. I believe it is crucial to our humanity, and thereby crucial to our Christianity to take moral high ground, to affirm the good, more than that, to look for it. We are to bring in the Kingdom. One of the ways we do this is by seeking out the image of God in others and affirming it, wooing it and drawing it out—sometimes through encouragement other times through loving exhortation. We are called to be creative and redemptive. Always. Seek the Kingdom of God. Seek and you shall find. Continue reading

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My New Bike

Today I took the brand new bike I got for Christmas out for a lovely spin. (This is the great thing about living in Texas; it’s a sunny 78 degrees F. I think I even got a bit of a … Continue reading

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