First Grade Sunday School

Here’s a funny story from my first week back on rotation with my favorite first graders:

The kids got out of Sing Time a bit early, so we’re sitting around the table catching up. They seem just as happy to see me again as I am happy to be with them again, which is nice. As we’re chatting, one of them pipes up: “Are you in college?”

“No, I’ve finished college.”

“Oh, then you’re married.”

Grin. “No. I’m not married.”

Now everyone is enticed by their own intrigue into the conversation. There are many guesses at my age, and someone asks, “Are you in high school?”

Chuckle. “No.”

And again, “Are you in college?”


With my help, they finally guess my age with proud smiles and are now willing to believe I am indeed old enough to have finished college. The girl sitting next to me is catching up. “Wait, you’re not married?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“HOW DO YOU LIVE!?” Eyes wide and arms stretched out toward the sky in desperation.

Now I can’t help myself. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week! With smiling eyes I laugh heartily as I look at her and reply, “I have lots of friends.” I resign to also respond: “I have a job…” not wishing to further instill the idea that we’re defined as who we are by what we do, but not knowing how else to assuage their confusion about my ‘young–but out of college–but not married’ status as a person, their being wholly unacquainted with any other such persons. And this does seem to satisfy them, even the wide-eyed girl whose flair for the dramatic completely made my morning. And my hope is, that she will continue to encounter more holistic examples and ideas of what it means to be a woman.

At any rate, that was just one of the hilarious moments of my Sunday morning. Another was the spontaneous dance party that erupted when the calm background music for the game we were playing suddenly became upbeat. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

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