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Quotation “Marks”

Since I’m doing a series on writing, and particularly on punctuation, I thought I’d insert this little parenthetical note on the ever-increasing misuse of quotation marks written by my friend Adam in his blog post, “Jesus” Loves Grammar Nazis. Thanks … Continue reading

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Faith Like Potatoes

It’s movie night with Mom; so I’m at the video store browsing the new releases and I come across Faith Like Potatoes. I’m not sure I would have picked it up if I were looking just for myself, but I … Continue reading

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Know, Respect, Break the Rules: Part Three: L’Engle’s Semicolon

I love semicolons. I used to get into trouble all the time for a grammatical sin known as the comma splice. On the scale of grammatical sins, it’s a big one. A comma splice occurs when you use a comma to separate what could potentially be two complete sentences. In these instances, you should either go ahead and make two separate sentences or use the most distinguished of all punctuation marks: the semicolon. How do you decide? Continue reading

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