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Coming Out of the Broom Cupboard

Good literature that stands as a beacon of light against the dark Hypermodern (popularly known as Postmodern) mantra — “There is no good or evil, only power…” voiced by Lord Voldemort himself is something you would think Christians everywhere would be excited about. Continue reading

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Which Bible translation is the best?

Dear C, Thanks for writing; you ask a really good question. We in the United States are unmistakeably blessed to have such ready access to God’s Word. Not only do most Christians in the States have their own Bible, many … Continue reading

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Context Is Everything

In response to an email I received asking about the Ps 109 stuff back in November: Dear __________, I don’t think the Psalm 109:8 thing was originally meant to be a biblical stamp of approval for praying for the removal … Continue reading

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