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Surprised by Hope

This is a book lots of my closest friends are reading (and loving). I’m a huge fan of NT Wright, and maybe some day I’ll have leisure reading time again and can get to this one. Fortunately, the conversation around … Continue reading

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Alternative Medicine

Firstly, thanks for a wonderful “questions and answers” webpage. So helpful since I wanted answers on Reiki vs Christianity. The other one that I need clarity on is Kinesiology. Is this also linked to alternative/new age stuff? I don’t have a good feeling about it and I have a dear friend who spends time at a health spa/hydro where they do kinesiolody, reiki etc. I know that reiki is a no-no (thanks to your website) but can’t find anything about kinesiology (except info where other Christians are trying to “justify” that it is ok. I would really appreciate your valued info regarding this. Continue reading

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The Drinking Issue

Dear Probe, I have read about ‘drinking alcohol (In God allowance) in your website. I want to clarify some doubt which may help my life. Iam a born again married Christian. I accept the passage what you mentioned about alcohol. … Continue reading

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