What Is Church?

Good Tuesday, everyone!

Last week was the inauguration of a series of posts in which I ask the questions and you give the answers. It was a good start; especially since the question was perhaps a wee bit intimidating. Sorry about that; it was just the Q that was on my mind. But never fear, this is to be a safe place where we can learn from one another and gain perspective as we think through things together that ought to be thought about.

Last week’s question is still of interest to me, and there are positions on the issue yet to be represented, so here’s your chance to be heard! What’s your political affiliation, if any, and why?

Okay. This week’s question: What is church?

I know it’s broad; I don’t expect anyone to have a comprehensive answer, but by discussing it together, we might learn from each other. Okay. Go.

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4 Responses to What Is Church?

  1. Ashley says:

    Thinking through what I’ve been learning lately, & even thinking of “church” more in an overseas context & what that looks like, I’ve come to the conclusion that church is the people that follow Jesus that come together to meet. It’s not a building, a pastor, a music minister, etc. While these things can be good, when you look at the early church in Acts, they never had any of these things, but met in each others homes & ate together & learned from each other. I think community has a HUGE part in what church is – they didn’t have once a week where they met for an hour or so & that was it, but they were continually having “church”, because their Church wasn’t based on once a week, but it was everytime they met, ate together, etc. Anyways, I could go on, but I’m typing this on my cell phone 🙂 Those are a few thoughts I have.

    • reneamac says:

      Yes. Good thoughts, Ashley, thanks for this response. I think weekly (or regular) meetings are still a vital part of church/our spiritual existence. We are embodied creatures and we need liturgy, habits, routines.

      Do you think it’s fair to say that our liturgy is only church when it occurs within the broader context of community, namely this attitude of ‘every time we meet it’s church because we are the church’? Weekly church within the context of continual church?

  2. mckenzie5 says:

    I agree with ashley…well said…church is Jesus’ people and it is about a community where we can learn and grow with one another as we are in tune with God’s Spirit within us. It is a place where we can love (and hopefully be loved) and serve. It is a place that can be a sanctuary, a rock in a world that is ever shifting. It is also Christ’s beautiful bride according to Ephesians. It is His beloved; even with all her imperfections. And, yes, there’s lots of those because even though we are already “seated in the heavenlies in complete holiness” we are, too, a work in progress…a work that He has started; a work that He will complete! I consider myself very fortunate I am part of a local community that is my family, and I can’t imagine my life without them. They have blessed me more than they will ever know and I am grateful to them and to my Father who has given me this gift!

    • reneamac says:

      Beautiful; well said. Church is to be a safe place where we can be ourselves and allow others to be themselves (true hospitality), so we can then come into our true selves (the selves we were created to be, the selves Christ has redeemed (and is redeeming)).

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