Question Tuesday: Spiritual Gifts

Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts assessment? How did it help you in your service to the church?

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4 Responses to Question Tuesday: Spiritual Gifts

  1. Kara says:

    I have not taken one for years, I probably should do that again. When I took one several years ago when I was a teen, they served more to confirm my gifts than surprise me by ascribing gifts I didn’t know I had.

    • reneamac says:

      Thanks Kara. I have a suspicion that’s how it works for most people—affirming rather than ascribing—which can help us get to serving in the church if the context in which the assessment is given is one which talks about and encourages serving.

  2. I took one about five years ago. I think it helped me see some areas that I wouldn’t have identified. But even MORE beneficial was a Bible Study led by Chris Legg ( where we actually studied what Scripture said about the gifts individually and then encouraged each other by highlighting the spiritual gifts of everyone in the group. It was definitely one of my favorite studies ever.

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