Question Tuesday: The Wedding Season

As the end of the Season approaches (the wedding season, that is), I’m prompted to think back on all the weddings I’ve attended this summer and how wonderfully diverse they all were.

They say spend money on one or two things for your wedding and go thrifty on everything else. Marrieds: What was the thing you couldn’t wed without (other than your spouse, obviously)? Spectacular food? Kickin’ music? Flowers?

How ’bout you single men and women out there? What do you imagine you’ll want to splurge on?

What about traditions? Which ones were/are important to you, and which ones were/are less important or you just don’t like at all?

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5 Responses to Question Tuesday: The Wedding Season

  1. Rhett & Valerie says:

    With our budget, I prioritized food, the dress, live music.

    I wish I had prioritized (more) my hair and the bridesmaid’s dresses. But you can’t have everything. 🙂

    The most important tradition to me was having a traditional Book of Common Prayer ceremony. Those aren’t so common anymore, and LOTS of guests mentioned the significance of our ceremony and how they felt it really reflected our beliefs. I’m grateful for that.

    Of course, having you in the ceremony was also quite wonderful as well :).

  2. Christine says:

    Real flowers were very important to me. We arranged them ourselves and they were still probably the most expensive part of the wedding since we had so much DIY stuff. As far as non-monetary priorities: it was very important to us to make the metaphor of marriage reflecting the relationship between Christ and the church a big part of the ceremony, and we were completely determined that there be no unity candle or a speech about how wedding rings are a circle — just like your love — no beginning and no end. What does that even mean? Of course your love has a beginning! (Plus we felt that stuff like that is super cheesy). It was also important to me that the reception atmosphere be conducive to dancing, but we didn’t really spend any money on that — just invited fun people and made a good itunes playlist.

  3. reneamac says:

    I’m glad you both commented: two of my favorite weddings, and both ones in which I was able to participate by reading Scripture! But I’m not biased or anything.

    I was recently at a wedding where they requested we not stand for the bride so as to avoid a bride-centered ceremony. I liked that; in fact, I had just been thinking about that myself, and it didn’t surprise me that Kara, my dear friend with whom I share much in common, had the same thought.

  4. No splurges! Although it’s been 15 years (so you’ll have to do the inflation calculation) we married, had receptions in 2 cities; moved household 750 miles, and had our honeymoon on $7,000. I guess the big splurge in cash was my dress, since even at one of those end-of-season sales it cost $700 with alterations. But what people remember of the ceremony was the worship music, which was gifted by many talented friends. In particular, we had the processional to a quartet singing “Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus” (tune: Hyfrydol). We wanted the wedding to be about God, not about human love, and the comments afterward suggested that we succeeded.

    • reneamac says:

      That’s quite impressive. Brava! I love quarteted hymns. My cousin had a male quartet sing How Great Thou Art at her wedding; it was beautiful.

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