I Saw His Smile and Knew

I Saw His Smile and Knew
for Ginger and David Ciminello

i feel warm
looking at your picture
like i’m standing near
your smile
and his

and yours
and eyes like doors
warm like

at long last
and right on time

and him
and youandhim

he showed up in texas on sunday
and changed everything —
for the better

Ginger, a long-time friend and kindred spirit, is a gifted speaker, writer, storyteller who is passionate about the spiritual growth, development and well-being of young women. For more information on how to book Ginger for your next conference, visit www.gingerciminello.com.
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4 Responses to I Saw His Smile and Knew

  1. Well this is just the most wonderful thing to come home to after a day out! Still love this… love you, friend!! THANK YOU.

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