Question Tuesday: Who Is My Neighbor?

Every Tuesday morning we come together on Speak What We Feel to discuss various questions regarding faith and life to get to know each other and to sharpen one another, to grow in perspective and understanding. Today’s question is:

How do we love our neighbors in today’s neighborhoods?


Won't you be my neighbor?


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6 Responses to Question Tuesday: Who Is My Neighbor?

  1. One idea is to welcome them as they move in. Our neighbors did that in our apartment complex… it made a big difference!

  2. While my neighbors were wary of me knocking on their doors in December, they quickly came around when they saw that I came bearing cookies! Those oatmeal chocolate chips were an open door to culdesac BBQ, a dinner with the girls, and soon a trip for Indian food. It’s hard not to feel loved when you feel KNOWN by someone else. Make the effort, ask the questions, get uncomfortable, and love the people who live right next to you. Totally worth it. (Sometimes it feels awkward – but it’s still totally worth it.) 😉

  3. reneamac says:

    “Make the effort, ask the questions, get uncomfortable, and love the people who live right next to you. Totally worth it. (Sometimes it feels awkward – but it’s still totally worth it.)”

    A big-fat YES!

    What I also love about your suggestion is that it plays to you and David’s strengths: you both like cooking and food. So for someone who feels less comfortable in the kitchen and worries that their baked goods might be counter-productive, play to your strengths: if you’re handy, offer help to someone struggling with yard work or do-it-yourself repairs; if you like games, get a card or domino game going with a folding table and chairs in your front yard and invite passers-by who seem interested.

    Ginger, what did you say on your first neighborly cookie delivering visit when your neighbors opened the door?

  4. Emily says:

    First, love Mr. Rogers. He used to be my best friend. And my neighbor.

    Anyway, the meat of what I have to say. I have an issue: I love talking. To any one. About anything. Renea can attest to how cumbersome this can be whilst bagging leaves, in August, in the afternoon. But how handy is this is for intentionally plugging into my neighbors’ lives.

    I have another issue: I love people. Any people, all people. So far in my new neighborhood, I’ve befriended a little guy “shootin'” rabbits with his nerf gun, walkers in their 80s, couples in their 50s, a perpetually shirtless handyman type, “our Mrs. Jennings,” and a young widow. To me it doesn’t matter who you are (your societal label) or what you’re doing. You have value to me because you are in my life.

    It’s not my belief that I randomly stubbled upon home ownership. Nor that I randomly found this house, this neighborhood, these people. God put me here. And I’m so excited to see how He uses me–AND my new roommate!!–in the lives of these special folks around me.

    (But to directly answer your question, Renea, my answer is “quality time.”)

    • reneamac says:

      Ah, Our Mrs Jennings. She doesn’t know how lucky she is to have an I’ll-talk-to-anyone-midday-interruption-or-not neighbor in you!

      Quality time is a great answer; again, it’s something that plays to your strengths/personality. I think that’s key.

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