What does God want me to choose?

Hi. I’m a christian and I’m facing a trial right now in my life.  There are two careers paths, the one I like web design.  There are thoughts in my mind that is saying that it’s a low paying field, competitive, will be on call a lot, and probably cannot face deadlines.  The other career path is to go on to be a financial analyst but I’m not quite a finance type of person and I don’t feel called but I know it’s lucrative and stable and most likely easy to find.   How would I know where God wants to lead me?  Would God tell you to be wise and just go for the one that makes the most money and easy to find because obviously God wants us to use our brains so that we find a way not to starve?

Here’s a hypothetical example to help picture what I’m going through. Say like you want to be a teacher, and you tell some folks what they think.  You might get two responses:

Person 1 would tell you that the teaching industry is bad, lots of teachers are getting laid off, not making much salaries, the burnout rate for teachers is 5 years, the kids will make and threaten you, the administrators expect so much out of you.

Person 2 would tell you to trust God, step in faith, follow your heart and what you’re good at and love despite what maybe the terrible seemingly outcomes.

Now how would you approach Person 1?  Would you take his advice that he is right and has experience in the field of being a teacher and therefore avoid that path entirely to avoid the dangers like he said of becoming a teacher.  You think Person 1 would be casting fear on you or giving you wise advice and maybe assume God is telling you not to pursue being a teacher because of those truthful reasons?  I can’t tell what is fear and what is wise advice

Or do you listen to Person 2 and step out of faith and do what you love.  But that would make you stupid because you didn’t listen to Person 1’s advice and if those things which person 1 told you happened and your life may seem ruined because you didn’t listen to Person 1.

Sorry if I’m being redundant.  Like I said I’m in a crossroad in my life, I just graduated with a degree and now I’m lost what I should be doing.  I really don’t know what’s in my heart and know what’s right for me.  I don’t even know how God is speaking to me and telling me to decide what.  I know I want financial stability and less troubles in my life.  That’s why most people these days seem to pick healthcare.

And I hope this isn’t too much for you to ponder and respond back to a stranger like me.

Thanks, God bless

Hi Michael,

I like your scenario; it gets us looking at the problem from a slightly different angle, which is always helpful.

Very little in life, if anything when it comes to stuff like this, works out the way we plan it. When it comes to decisions like this, life works mostly by trial-and-error. And God seems to have set it up this way. We can’t know what will happen or how things will work out. What we can know is that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.”

Person 1 probably isn’t trying to cast fear, even if it causes anxiety. He probably wants to be sure I have a realistic picture of what I’m getting into as opposed to walking into the fire unawares. In this situation, whether his advice is good or bad depends upon whether it is good or bad for me; because in and of itself it isn’t merely one or the other: good or bad, wisdom or fear.

Life is seasonal. We trust God day by day, moment by moment. Sometimes that looks like being in one profession for a season, then watching that season close and looking for what’s next. Other times it looks like watching things change in that profession as other things do.

I believe, in the end, Person 2 is right. It is important to consider Person 1’s advice, but in the end you have to trust your God-given gut, your intuition. The truth is, things can go wrong in either path. It’s unlikely, however, that life will be ruined. God causes all things to work together for good when we place those things in his hands. Even what felt like failure at the time. Even what was failure at the time. When we place ourselves in God’s economy, nothing is ever wasted. Nothing. He is that big.

God doesn’t have a secret treasure map of our life that we have to find and hope we get all the mystic clues just right so we get the gold in the end. And he doesn’t have a blueprint with every specific detail and exact measurement either. It’s more like a guidebook to a foreign city. There are so many attractions, you couldn’t possibly visit them all. God says, Choose and enjoy. There are many dangers as well, so many you couldn’t possibly avoid them all. God says, I will never leave you; I will always be there.

I’ve been where you are—I find myself there a lot—and it is difficult. Go with your gut. God put it there. And he is there! living in you. You don’t have to know how things will work out. You can expect many things to be unlike you expected… sometimes for worse, sometimes for better. But God will always be there. Trust him. Moment by moment. Day by day. Season by season.

From my heart,

Have you been in a situation like Michael’s? How did you choose?

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