Question Tuesday: Wrong Questions?

Friend and blogging colleague, Ally Spotts has a new e-book out today called, Asking All the Wrong Questions: Why Christians Wait for Marriage for Sex. If you ever find yourself in conversations about sex… (What? Is it just me?) I recommend you dig deep for the $.99—an introductory price, I believe—and grab a copy.

This book is especially useful if you:
A. Are single.
B. Have kids.
C. Work with kids, students, singles.
D. Know anyone who falls into categories A-C.

I know Spocktober is over, but if my logic-worker is working, that’s pretty much everyone.

So… today’s Tuesday and you’re thinking, Renea! Where’s Tuesday’s Question? Well, hold your horses. Here it is:

What are the wrong questions about abstaining from sex?

What are the right ones?

Okay. Now go get your e-book and compare notes. 🙂

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2 Responses to Question Tuesday: Wrong Questions?

  1. Spocktober?? What’s that?? That sounds AMAZING!! 😉
    I actually wrote a blog post a while back that went in this general direction. My thought was that our focus is all wrong and our discussion of sex is not honest about its value. Here’s the piece:

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