Flashback Friday

New year, new post series.

Every once in a while I dig through the archives and dust them off. I’m a compulsive tinkerer. Recently, I thought, It would be fun to feature some of these moldy oldies; introduce them to my new readers and reintroduce them to my faithfuls.

And so I bring you SWWF’s first Flashback Friday. And to kick things off, we’re going way back.

I thought it’d be nice to review a book review (something I did much more of on this blog before the grad school zombies got my brains). Allow me to reintroduce a book I’m regularly recommending on this blog, Cornelius Plantinga Jr’s,

Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be

I really appreciate this book; Plantinga is an engaging writer and does well covering the essentials of a difficult subject.

He gives a helpful working definition of sin and makes valuable distinctions between different categories of sin; he talks about the relationship (and the difference) between sin and folly and handles the tricky ‘sin for me’ (but not necessarily for you) aspect of sin. You’d think a book all about sin would be heavy and depressing, but Plantinga is positive; honest, not naive, but gracious.

Something I really benefited from while reading Not the Way was… Continue reading

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