Flashback Friday! Awkward (Dating) Turtle

Flashback Friday!

Ever been in a situation where you’re into someone but they’re not into you? What about when someone likes you but you have no romantic interest in them? All the time, right?

It’s a good thing there are so many helpful books at the Christian bookstore which talk about this scenario then. Oh wait. That’s entirely untrue. You’re only gonna find books on dating and marriage. Well, what about the other 80% of the time?

There is one book. Keep reading.

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A Theology of Romance

I really appreciate and highly recommend Laura Smit’s book, Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Ethics of Unrequited Love. It isn’t your typical book on singles and romance. Right away, the subtitle lets you know this book is special because while there are countless books on mutual love and our moral responsibilities as Christian lovers, hardly anyone writes about our responsibility toward virtue when feelings are not mutual. Smit begins with a “theology of romance” in which she details God’s nature as love, God’s creational plans both in Eden and in the New Heaven and the New Earth, sin’s effect on those plans, and finally, virtuous and vicious romance, how sin twists God’s intentions for love and how we can be virtuous by shaping our romantic lives to God’s plans. This framework is centered on New Testament teachings on marriage and family and singleness, teachings…

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