Best & Worst Birthdays

Every Tuesday we gather at Speak What We Feel to ruminate together over questions about life both serious and silly to grow together in understanding and perspective of one another and of our world at large. Today’s question:

What are you getting me for my birthday on Thursday? (I prefer opals to diamonds.)

I've never been so jealous of an 8 year old before.

Okay seriously, what is your best birthday story? Which of course could include worst birthday story.

Here’s one that sorta counts as one of each:

During a laughter-filled dinner where dear friends chipped in for melt-in-my-mouth cedar plank salmon from Pappadeaux, my friends were getting a little miffed at our waitress who knew it was my birthday but never brought the staff to sing. This was perfectly fine with me, but each time our waitress would go sing Happy Birthday at another table, my friends’ sense of injustice rose and rose.

I consented to let my friends sing to me. After the meal. Outside the restaurant. Besides, they’ll sing in 4-part harmony and be way better than the poor, duty-bound waitstaff.

In the parking lot, my four friends begin to raise their voices, singing heart-felt Happy Birthday, when a middle-aged woman, quite inebriated, stumbles over to us, shouting over the song: Oh! That’s soooo goooood! That’s soo goood. It’s my birthday too! Oh, it’s my birthday too. It’s my birthday song! They’re singin’ for our birthdays; it’s so good…

And as my friends get to, Happy birthday dear… our new friend helpfully informs them of her name. My friends look at each other awkwardly and sing both our names while Inebriated sways and conducts. I’m grinning because I catch Kara’s eye, and I can tell by the fire there she’s not going to do it. And sure enough, with extra emphasis, I can hear Kara above the others holding out my name, singing it as loudly over the other woman’s name as possible, glaring at her. It. Was. Awesome.

Really, the whole situation was hilarious. My friends were aghast, but I wouldn’t trade this outlandish moment and the great story it is for a normal birthday serenade, no sir.

It’s one of my favorite birthday memories. What’s yours?

Okay, but seriously, what are you getting me for my birthday on Thursday? (I accept checks…)

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