Flashback Friday: The Risk Worth Taking

I wanted to feature this post in this week’s Flashback Friday for two main reasons.

One, it is THE most frequently searched for and viewed post on Speak What We Feel. Of. All. Time. Lots of people are asking this question and looking for advice. Lots of people are living scared when they could be living. Lots of people are missing out.

Two, recently Sharideth, who writes the wonderfully humorous and helpful A Woman’s Guide to Women: A Blog for Men posted on this issue in a much more clear and concise, frank and insistent manner. And reading it, I’m pretty sure I pumped my fist in the air and yelled Right on! in the waiting room at the car wash. But whatever; I live for awkward stares.

“I don’t want to mess up our friendship.”

It seems to me that when we shy away from a potential romance because we fear losing what we’ve got, we are being foolish. Once romantic feelings come into the mix (mutual or otherwise), things have changed already; you’ve already “lost” your friendship—insofar as you’re trying to define the friendship by what it was—because something’s already changed. We can’t hold on to what no longer exists.

Relationships that are worth anything are worth taking risks for. Certainly we don’t want to run around haphazardly, never looking before we leap, but relationship is all about risk. That’s faith. That’s love. It’s about being vulnerable to loss, and consequently, open to gain. (See also the risks God is always taking on us.)

Friendships worth their salt… continue reading.

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3 Responses to Flashback Friday: The Risk Worth Taking

  1. Aww I missed this one originally…so well said. Will be forwarding to several people I have been unable to make this point so nicely to.

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