Question Tuesday: Valentie’s Day — Important Tradition or Commercial Commodity?

Every Tuesday we come to speak what we feel about various topics. Join us! Today’s questions:

Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Even mediocre-tasting candy is fun on Valentine's!

Favorite memories?

Horror stories?

Do tell!

And no, I don’t think Valentine’s was invented by Hallmark, you poor, jaded Jacks. Any excuse to celebrate our love-filled lives and the people who make it so is a good excuse!

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3 Responses to Question Tuesday: Valentie’s Day — Important Tradition or Commercial Commodity?

  1. Emily says:

    Okay, I LIKE those conversation hearts (feel free to get me some) and handcrafted valentines, complete with paper doilies and glitter. My memories of Valentine’s Day center around the excitement my friends and multiple crushes opening my well thought out cards. And munching on sugary treats. My parents always bought us-my sibs and I-cards and treats, so I never felt as if V Day wasn’t for me if I didn’t have a romantic love. Now at 30 and solidly single, I have, what I hope is, a healthy view of V Day. My cards are made for friends and family and I’ll buy myself a HUGE bouquet of cut stems to enjoy. Who knows, I might splurge and make filet mignon and molten chocolate cakes for my roomie and I.

    • reneamac says:

      I think this kind of broad view is essential for married and unmarried folk alike. It helps each of us to not become insular lovers, which Laura Smit once described as being like ingrown toenails.

      So the deal is I bring you conversation hearts and you make filet mignon and chocolate cake? Game on. 🙂

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