Is it okay for Christians to…

Is it okay for Christians to take advice from Are the articles, for example those that say one must fulfill their needs to be happy, correct? Personally this website is one of my favorites and I find the information on self understanding accurate and amazing (I could be wrong). However if it is wrong to take advice from it can you show me what’s wrong about it?

Hi Josue,

Thanks for writing. The important thing to remember whenever you’re engaging with anything is to filter what you’re reading through what the Bible says about life, what the Bible says about self. This can be a difficult thing to do because the Bible isn’t just a collection of rules and histories, it is a collection of histories and letters and poems and proverbs all telling One Big Story. That’s why I recommend reading through the whole thing. When we read just bits here and bits there, it isn’t very easy to see how everything fits together into One Big Message. It’s like trying to put together a puzzle with some of the pieces in your living room and some of the pieces in your kitchen and some of the pieces in your friend’s house two doors down! It’s pretty difficult to get the whole picture that way.

But when you read the whole Bible, especially if you do it in a relatively short timeframe like a year or so, then you get the whole picture in the same room; you get the framework that holds the whole picture together. When you read the whole Bible, you begin to see the same themes and concepts and messages over and over as they’re woven through the histories and poems and letters; and the lightbulb comes on: Oh, this is a really important part of what it means to be a Christian... This is what Church is supposed to be about…  This is who God is.

Here’s a plan to help you. If you read something that doesn’t make sense or brings up some questions or makes you angry, talk to God about it; he can handle it. And talk to others in your Christian community. I also recommend using a commentary when something trips you up. Here’s a good one that’s free and online!

Blessings to you, Josue.

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