Question Tuesday: What Is Love?

I’m all for “trinkets” of love. There is no trinket too small when it comes from someone you love. Context is everything. Granted, I generally prefer Mavs tickets and go carts to roses and chocolate hearts—not that I’ve ever turned those down either!—but that’s part of the fun. Loving knowledge of the other, in both giving and receiving, is what transforms trinkets into meaningful shared expressions of affection and affinity and affirmation—affirmation of who that person is in all his or her particularity and individuality.

Might be a bit much for everyday use...

Question: What is love to you?
(This, of course, includes but is not limited to romantic love.)

How is love, in all its various forms, a creative endeavor?
(Cherie Harder at The Trinity Forum put out a thoughtful piece today centered around Martin Luther King Jr’s discussion of the creative power of Christ’s call to love our enemies.)


PS. To those who now have that one-hit-wonder by Haddaway stuck in your head, you’re welcome.

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