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Drop him like he’s hot. (Oh wait, that makes it harder.)

I have been working with this guy for almost 4 years. He asked for my number but we really never texted that much until I moved away to college. THAT is when he started to text me every night, we … Continue reading

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Easter’s Coming!

I love hymns and Easter hymns are some of the best! Easter is essentially the climax of the Christian story. What’s not to love? What’s your favorite thing about Easter? What are your traditions?

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Flashback Friday: Yoga

Lots of Christians wonder whether yoga and Christianity are compatible. I argue they can be, particularly the Westernized kind of yoga most Westerners practice. When I first wrote this response, I wrote that, “[Yoga provides] an opportunity to glorify God … Continue reading

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12 Year-Olds Dating: I blame the Disney Channel… and parents.

When I first got this question, I didn’t think I would post it because the answer’s kinda a no-brainer. But I surprised myself, or I should say the Spirit surprised me, as my response began to turn into a sort … Continue reading

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