Flashback Friday: When to talk to your kids about sex

I can already see myself wanting to put off this topic with my kids for as long as possible. It’s awkward. It’s a talk they don’t want to hear from us and we would really rather not give. Alas, it’s important.

So for today’s Friday flashback, I’m going to once again, with much empathy, implore all you parents out there to plan to talk early… it’s a kid-by-kid decision, but generally earlier than you want to.

And for all you folks thinking you can put it off because your kiddos are in nice Christian schools… don’t.

Here’s some help.

Talking to Your Kids about Sex

Dear Probe,

Can you please send me a copy of an old article (maybe 2001 or 2002) from Probe Ministries that I found on the internet. I am having trouble with my printer. The article is titled “Safe Sex and the Facts” by Raymond G. Bohlin. I have a daughter who is almost 14 and I’ve been told that I need have plenty of statistics available when I have these talks with her. This article seems to be just what I need. I can send a self-addressed envelope if necessary. Thank You

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for your letter. We’re glad you find our website useful to you. We’re sorry your printer is being finicky, however we are not in a place financially where we are able to mail articles out (we get several requests for this). I recommend trying your local library.


I also recommend focusing on the positives of abstinence and not on the negatives of premarital sex when you talk to your teenage daughter about sex, which since she is nearly 14 I recommend you do soon! Don’t let her get too far into her 14th year without having this talk. Having the stats in Dr Bohlin’s article will be useful and helpful and should be included in your conversation with your daughter, but should not be the emphasis. We’re all rather notorious for thinking It’ll never happen to me, making it really easy to ignore statistics. More often than not, the reasons why we shouldn’t have extramarital sex aren’t powerful enough to stop us in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, most believers who have a firm understanding of why we should orient our sexual lives to God’s original intentions hold much stronger, healthier convictions about sex.

Understanding how God designed… Read more.

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