Flashback Friday: Generation Gap

I was reminded of this post the other day; thought I’d bring it up here again.

It’s time for Christians to stop buying into the status quo vision of “the younger generation” whoever they might be at the moment. How many times are we going to do this thing?

We’re called to a Kingdom vision. In other words, we’re called to the difficult work of putting ourselves in the shoes of those we least understand and walking around in those shoes until our feet ache and smell.

I have some suggestions (lest you think I’m merely being a bitter 30-something myself); so be sure to click the link and read to the end.

Bitter 20-Somethings

An open letter in response to Anthony Bradley’s recent op-ed in WORLDmag.com, “Evangelicalism’s Bitter 20-Somethings.”

Well, it’s true; there are a lot of bitter 20 and 30-somethings out there. And Bradley says a lot of true things about them. The Bitters:
—tend to gravitate toward Christian hipster culture
—are on a mission to expose the “conservative conspiracy” wherever they can find it (or create it) under the guise of “healthy critique.”
—tend to define themselves in terms of being “not like them,” which seems cowardly. (But let’s be honest, if 20-somethings raised in conservative Evangelical churches are doing this, well then the apple just isn’t falling very far from the tree, is it?)

While these critiques of bitter 20-somethings are valid, I believe Bradley is wrong about the motivation behind the bitterness being mere attention-seeking. What Mr Bradley fails to do in this didactic broad-brushing is address the possibility that folks in their 20s and 30s just might have legitimate qualms with conservatism as we know it. I agree that more young adults would do well to understand what Church actually is—that cutting the Church is cutting on one’s own body—this realization leads to a compassionate, heart-broken criticism of the Church’s ills, as opposed to trendy, prideful, the-old-way’s-so-lame diatribes. However, that doesn’t negate the very real grievances many have experienced in church.

It seems from Mr Bradley’s comments about conservatism that… continue reading.

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