Easter’s Coming!

I love hymns and Easter hymns are some of the best! Easter is essentially the climax of the Christian story. What’s not to love?

What’s your favorite thing about Easter?

What are your traditions?

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4 Responses to Easter’s Coming!

  1. Kate Watson says:

    Not MY tradition, but something I can’t wait to do with my kids when they’re older…

    I know a couple of families who shut off all the lights in their homes on Good Friday, and only use candlelight for the next days to symbolize the three days of Jesus submitting to the darkness of death, then on Easter Sunday morning, they turn the lights on and have a literal party to celebrate His light in the world since His resurrection. They say it’s astounding how when they flip the lights back on how much they can see that they’ve missed in the darkness… that drawer that didn’t shut all the way, that coffee that spilled on the counter, etc. and it’s a good illustration for the kids that without Christ’s resurrection, His victory over sin, we’d all be left in the dark and unaware of our own condition. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to make this a part of our Easter celebration too.

  2. The resurrection that we celebrate on Easter Sunday! It’s a joyous day.

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