“How did black people get created?”

Hi M,

Thanks for writing. We really have little reason to assume Adam and Eve were white, so the same question could just as easily be asked about white people: How did white people get created?

I have a theory about the beautiful multitude of skin tones within the human race that Adam was dark like the rich Mesopotamian soil, and Eve white like the bone. This is just a theory, and there’s really no way to prove it; but genetically, I think it’s the only explanation that makes sense, and it works on a literary level as well. Besides, I think it would be just plain cool.

Some suggest that the dispersion of Noah’s sons, coupled with the Tower of Babel dispersion of peoples, brought people out of Mesopotamia and into regions of the Earth where the sun is hotter, and the greater exposure to the sun resulted in darker skin tones. But that just seems highly implausible to me as the sole cause for diversity among human skin tone. White folks have lived in various places in Africa, for example, for over a century and they still have white skin. And again, we simply have no biblical evidence to support the idea that the furst humans were white. Being that they were Mesopotamian (Middle Eastern), it’s just really, really unlikely they were.

Again, based upon what I know of artistic and creative processes, genetics, beauty, and ultimately God himself, it seems more likely to me that God intended beautiful diversity of skin tone in the first place (rather than it being a result of sin), creating Adam from soil and Eve from bone as a way of accomplishing such.

Peace be with you.


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