Question Tuesday: Ginger Ciminello — Is that an Italian Icecream?

Question: Have you checked out my friend Ginger’s blog yet? Cuz it’s legit.

You’ve heard me mention her excellent blog before. You’ve also seen a guest post here that Ms. Ciminello was gracious enough to write for me.

Ginger is a long-time friend and I’m honored and humbled by that fact. She’s an incredible woman. Her blog, like mine, is largely dedicated to answers to email, and her wisdom and passion for and dedication to God’s Word are an example to me.

Right now she’s doing a Questions series (which is what made me think to post in my Question Tuesday series), so go, check it out, answer some questions, poke around, and if you like what you see, add her to your reader, or better yet, recommend her to the young women in your life. (Ginger’s blog is in some ways a ministry specifically to teen and college age women).

Ginger and her handsome husband David. (You’ve also seen me write about them here.)

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