No One Likes Being Nagged

A couple in my Sunday School class has two grown daughters that are married with children. The two daughters are well educated and they rely on their advanced education to guide them in their pursuits. This couple has tried in vain to present the Gospel to them and their families, but it only drives a wedge between father and daughter. How can he reach his daughters? Are there apologetic materials or other suggestions that you may have that will help this couple reach their daughters for Christ? We are praying for them.

Dear Wesley,

Thank you for writing with your concern for your friends’ daughters. The best thing you can do for your friends is regularly pray with them (physically in the same room if possible) for their daughters and their families. There is little more detrimental to the Gospel than constantly pushing it on those who don’t want to hear it. No one likes being nagged.

Witnessing to family is sometimes the most difficult because our family has seen us at our worst, most un-Christ-like moments. The best thing for your friends to do is BE the Gospel, to be love, to be patience, to be kindness, goodness, faithfulness, to be self controlled. And when they aren’t those things—because none of us is perfect yet—to be humble, ask for forgiveness, make every effort to make it right. There is no better defense of the faith, or apologetic, than that. Other apologetic tools are only useful when people are open to having those conversations.

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If there is any wrong that has been swept under the rug—all parents make mistakes—it is time to ask for forgiveness without expecting to receive it. If there is any hidden or secret sin in your friends’ lives, it’s time for them to do the hard thing and root it out.

Keep praying for and with your friends. They need your support.

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2 Responses to No One Likes Being Nagged

  1. I didn’t know this, but John Piper’s son had a season of being far from God. His son, Abraham, has some ideas of how he thinks that the parents of these adult children should treat their kids:

    Good thoughts, my friend.

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