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Flashback Friday: Engage, Maverick! (The Parent Edition)

Recently a colleague put this piece about the importance of Margaret Atwood and the connections to the Christian narrative in her work (despite Atwood’s expressed efforts to eschew herself from the Christian narrative). A while back, I helped an involved … Continue reading

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Transcendent Word

Now, don’t you go reading the word poetry and get scared off. Read on. You’ll like it. Transcendent Word of the Mundane: An exploration of Karl Petersen’s collection of contemporary poetry, Urban Fits Petersen paints his city with a generous … Continue reading

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Question: Is worldview only for the left side of the brain?

My friend and colleague Christine did an excellent write-up on a fun roadtrip music tradition she and her husband share. They make themed mixed CDs. In her post over at Thinking through Christianity, she dissects the CD they put together that communicates … Continue reading

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Dungeons and Dragons and Dice, Oh My!

Should a Christian avoid games that have witches and sorcery as part of the activity. Please supply Bible scripture! Hi Dave. Thanks for writing. The answer is, I’m afraid, that it depends. It depends on the game, and more importantly, … Continue reading

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