Flashback Friday! A few thoughts about home.

speak what we feel

I just spent the weekend visiting the church I went to during college and I was greeted with big smiles and bigger hugs. Many didn’t know I was coming to visit, or even that I was back, so it was a huge surprise to them and super fun for me. Most encouraging for me was that the number one thing I heard as people were welcoming me home was: “I thought about you so much while you were gone, wanting to talk to you and wishing you were here; so I’ve been praying for you a lot.” So awesome. Because boy did I need those prayers.

Even though I knew that to be the case while in Switzerland and frequently anchorered myself to the sure but foggy knowledge of those prayers during good times and bad, I’m still awed by it now. I’m humbled by the big-ness of life that…

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