Question Tuesday: Summer Lovin’

As summer draws to a close, what have been some of the most memorable moments from this summer for you?

Mine include:

Dallas Does… a night of really awesome covers

My favorite night was Dallas Does The Eagles (though I missed The Beatles, so…). This is a shot of Christine Hand and band killing it.

The Dark Knight marathon

Probably the best way to see The Dark Knight Rises: several things come full circle that I probably would have missed if I hadn’t watched them back to back to back. Plus, the energy in the theater made the film that much more thrilling.


Probe Ministries’s student conference. After reading the creation and fall account from the Jesus Storybook Bible, the girls asked me to read a story from the JSB each night before lights out. #purejoy

Any time I got to see family!

Helping my sister-in-law set up her classroom.

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2 Responses to Question Tuesday: Summer Lovin’

  1. gingercim says:

    Love that setting up J’s classroom is such a family affair!

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