Parents, Bellybuttons & Honor

When it comes to getting your belly button pierced… What if we’re only getting it pierced for the summer? And only showing it off with our bathing suits? Is that wrong? Sincerely, A teenage girl who really wants her belly button pierced this summer.


Thanks for writing! Read what I think about bellybutton piercings here in a response to another young woman asking a similar question. Please note: As I hinted in that response, we are obligated as Christians to honor, respect, and obey our parents insofar as they are not asking us to behave counter to God’s explicit commands. If your parents have strong views about piercings, it is better to demonstrate Christ-like, self-sacrificial love (1 Cor. 13) to your parents by respecting their wishes (especially while under their protection and care). Do this by giving your desire for a piercing to the Lord for the sake of your relationship with them and for the sake of your relationship with Christ.

For His Glory,

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