Tap, tap, tap… Is this thing on?

So… I realize I have committed the number one blogging sin. I left without saying goodbye. Saying goodbye is hard, and I didn’t want to go. I left you, my readers, hanging. I apologize for that, truly. I kept holding on to the hope that I could find a way to stay, but it was time to close this chapter and move on to new projects. I will no longer be adding new content to this site, but the old content will remain available, and I will continue to respond to questions, comments, and emails. The domain reneamac.com is expiring, and the address will revert to http://www.reneamac.wordpress.com.

My life has been enriched by this journey—a sentiment which recalls this blog’s original title—and the journey isn’t finished; it is pressing onward into new chapters. So, dear readers, I have one more favor to ask. As this project has come to its end, I have been able to devote myself more fully to a new blogging project, one which I have excitedly spoken about on this site on several occasions. As you know, I contribute regularly to Thinking through Christianity, a site that aims to promote and facilitate thoughtful, nuanced, and civil conversation about life and faith. Won’t you join in that conversation? Add us to your reader, like us on Facebook, keep up with our tweets. I dare say if you have found this website fruitful in anyway, you will not be disappointed.

There is nothing left to say here except thank you. Thank you to my faithful, faithful readers. You who have stayed with me through this blog’s remakes and restarts, its emotional outbursts and awkward silences. To my faithful commenters, bravely joining the conversation, and making it better, lending your stories, your questions, your wisdom, your love: thank you.

Rooting for you, always,


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4 Responses to Tap, tap, tap… Is this thing on?

  1. bbarlowe says:

    Well done. Nice graphical touch too. See u @ the other blog…..

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Bittersweet new chapters. Looking forward to reading the next one!

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