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Flashback Friday: Faith Like Potatoes

It’s movie night with Mom; so I’m at the video store browsing the new releases and I come across Faith Like Potatoes. I’m not sure I would have picked it up if I were looking just for myself, but I … Continue reading

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Do Christians have to make “nice” art?

I’m working on a story that deals with teenage issues like drugs, under-aged sex, sexual orientation, religion, partying, abuse, and bullying. One of the main characters in my story is bisexual, he does drugs, and is not a virgin, and … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Engage, Maverick!

A few months back I wrote a gust post about engaging culture with discernment over at Scott Schiffer’s blog The Pop-Culture Review. Scott recently announced the end of that project and the beginning of a couple new projects/ministries. The content … Continue reading

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My church discourages me from pursuing the Arts

I would like to become a great hip-hop dancer and also act commercially in movies as well as participate in beauty pageants, but my pentecostal community which happens to be absolutely conservative discourages me a lot… help me out in … Continue reading

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