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Question Tuesday: Favorite Hymn

Have I asked this already? Honestly at this point in the semester I can barely remember what day it is. It’s a miracle I’ve remembered to post this. And anyway, favorites change. So… What are your favorite hymns? Why? One of … Continue reading

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Question Tuesday: Why Church?

Recently, ProdigalMagazine.org published a series called “Why Church?” that was really rather encouraging. Written from different perspectives, people with varied church experiences told their stories about why they go to church, why they love the church or love-hate the church, why … Continue reading

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Question Tuesday: Liturgy

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘liturgy’? Have you ever been to liturgical services? What did you think? Did you learn something or experience something you weren’t expecting? What was the weirdest thing? What was the … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Generation Gap

I was reminded of this post the other day; thought I’d bring it up here again. It’s time for Christians to stop buying into the status quo vision of “the younger generation” whoever they might be at the moment. How … Continue reading

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