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Those are sexy worldview glasses you’ve got there.

E’s email is a response to the post “Glee-tastic!” Ms. McKenzie Don’t think Glee’s overt sexuality has no effect on you.  It is shaping you episode by episode.  You are not immune. Hi E, Thanks for writing. I appreciate where … Continue reading

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Glee-wind: Grilled Cheesus

Episode background: Major character Finn Hudson accidentally burns his grilled cheese sandwich, imprinting one side of it with the face of Jesus Christ. Finn takes this as a sign to take his nominal Christianity more seriously, irony intended by the … Continue reading

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Have you ever stopped to think about what books and movies and TV shows and pop songs are all telling us about what love is and what ideal romance looks like? If you haven’t noticed, love is a feeling. And romance is an intense, often tumultuous, chemistry-infused whirlwind affirmed by phenomenal sex… Read more. Continue reading

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