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Question Tuesday: What about same-sex attraction?

Have you read my short review of what is so far the most important book I’ve read this year? Hop over to Thinking through Christianity to see the top 4 reasons I think you should read this short and powerful book: Washed and … Continue reading

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Do Christians have to make “nice” art?

I’m working on a story that deals with teenage issues like drugs, under-aged sex, sexual orientation, religion, partying, abuse, and bullying. One of the main characters in my story is bisexual, he does drugs, and is not a virgin, and … Continue reading

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Leaving the Church

What do I do with my church? I have been a Presbyterian all my life. Last year the PCUSA senate chose to ordain homosexual clergy. I’ve been praying about it all year, but I don’t have a clear answer. Do … Continue reading

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Why Is Homosexuality Singled Out?

I read an article today entitled “Stop Policing the Borders” of Christianity.  In it, the author talks about how many people in the LGBT community reject Christianity because there is an “overt condemnation of homosexuality from the pulpit or anti-gay … Continue reading

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