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Long Distance Marital Masturbation

When I travel away from home, my wife and I exchange videos through technology, she masturbates and sends the video to me and I use it to masturbate as well, some times we send pictures of each of us and … Continue reading

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I know we’re sinning, but…

Hi. I am going out with my boyfriend 10 years and we are engaged to be married. I know we are committing a mortal sin by living together but I was hoping I could explain my situation to see what … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: How do you liiiiive!!?

This is one of my favorite stories ever. Enjoy. First Grade Sunday School The kids got out of Sing Time a bit early, so we’re sitting around the table catching up. They seem just as happy to see me again … Continue reading

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Virgin Expectations

the man i am about to marry, he is not a virgin, what he told me is he has slept with three women. although he is a very kind and a generous person. now that me and him are in … Continue reading

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