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Context Is Everything

In response to an email I received asking about the Ps 109 stuff back in November: Dear __________, I don’t think the Psalm 109:8 thing was originally meant to be a biblical stamp of approval for praying for the removal … Continue reading

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More Conservative BS about President Obama

Friends, we do not live in a world where we can trust email-forwards. And unfortunately, it is the (politically) Conservative agenda that is most guilty of lying to us in this way. The Left may do it through the mainstream media, but the Right is manipulating you through the “grass roots” medium of email. As a conservative, I am ashamed, and disgusted. What kind of credibility… Continue reading

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Sould Christians Respect Obama?

“Conservative” email forwards about President Obama are anything but Christian. Here we’ll look at a popular email forward I received recently and talk about what makes it (and others like it) so unChristian and why we need to stop circulating these manipulative email forwards. Continue reading

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Watch Your Toes

Regardless of who you voted for, we have a new President, poised in the highest office in the land. This office and the person occupying it ought to have our unwavering respect. If the leader of our nation fails us with scandal or betrayal or incompetence, he or she has perhaps forfeit much of our respect, but there is a level of common decency that should never wane — a human level if nothing else. Continue reading

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