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Flashback Friday: My Bible translators can beat up your Bible translators.

Just kidding. So this post isn’t actually about Bible translation snobbery. But it easily could be, cuz we all know people who… Or was I the only high school church kid who sometimes thought Christianity was about how awesome I … Continue reading

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Question Tuesday: Favorite Bible Translation

Every Tuesday we gather here at Speak What We Feel to discusses questions of life and faith, to grow together and sharpen our perspectives. Today’s question: Which translations are your favorite? Why? What about study Bibles? Have a preference? Working … Continue reading

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Is it okay for Christians to…

Is it okay for Christians to take advice from 2knowmyself.com? Are the articles, for example those that say one must fulfill their needs to be happy, correct? Personally this website is one of my favorites and I find the information … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m the only one trying in my marriage. Help!

I read the book you recommended [Love & Respect] and I loved it, read it in two days 🙂 Things did get better after I read the book, but I’m having a hard time respecting my husband unconditionally because I … Continue reading

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