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I recently discovered this wonderful quarterly publication devoted to faith in literature and art. Ruminate is great to stick in your bag and pull out on the train or in a coffee shop; while you’re waiting in a restaurant for a friend, or whenever you need a chance to stop and smell the poetry. Ruminate is… Continue reading

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To Live Is Christ

Whether you are married or single or widowed or divorced; dating, not dating, wanting to date, not wanting to date—for now, forever. If you are wondering about your sexuality or your sex-appeal, your marriage, the strength of your love or your hope… And if you can empathize with the struggle of doubt and dashed or delayed dreams (because without empathy we are nothing but the annoying, repetitive clanging of construction in the city streets)… This poem tells your story. Continue reading

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Speak What We Feel: Virtuous or Vicious?

A former professor of mine made the following observation about speaking what we feel. I really appreciated the conversation that came out of it and felt that it speaks directly of the underlying hope for balance within the idea of … Continue reading

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Speak What We Feel

So I am unashamedly stealing this title from Frederick Buechner, who borrowed it for his book from Shakespeare’s King Lear. Buechner’s book is important to me. It has taught me about writing and about life. I wish I had my … Continue reading

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