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Flashback Friday: Yoga

Lots of Christians wonder whether yoga and Christianity are compatible. I argue they can be, particularly the Westernized kind of yoga most Westerners practice. When I first wrote this response, I wrote that, “[Yoga provides] an opportunity to glorify God … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m not doing enough for Christ!

I’m almost 15 and lately I have been worried greatly about my spiritual life. I want so badly for the Lord to come and rapture his church out of this earth, but I know only God knows that day. So … Continue reading

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Who in the Kingdom is the greatest?

I would like to know if an evangelist is higher than a pastor? I feel in my spirit that God did not put any rank on anyone and for someone to say this I feel is not right. And it … Continue reading

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Warning: This is about conceptual art.

This is a piece I wrote for my Creative Processes class. The purpose of this short essay is to engage a piece of art and write about it in such a way that others can experience the piece in a … Continue reading

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