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Question Tuesday: The Age of the Earth

Are Old-Earthers liberals? Are Young-Earthers out of touch? Is the issue worth fighting about? Is it something worth pouring millions and millions of dollars into? More importantly (and consequently more difficult to answer): Does either position on the age of the … Continue reading

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When the Church Is More Cultural than Christian

So, I’m reading this excellent biography of Bonhoeffer right now, and I’ve been mulling this question. Well, I guess it’s twofold, really. Background: You probably know this already, but just in case. In Nazi Germany the German church pretty much … Continue reading

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Have I committed the unforgivable sin?

Dear Renea, Well my question is concerning the unforgivable sin, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I’m a Christian but every since I read about this I’ve been greatly stressed over it. I’m so worried that I may have committed … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Christians Say the Damnedest Things

Dear Renea, First I want to say I love Jesus, I have felt Him in my life. He has saved my marriage, I cant imagine not being with Him after this life. I know He is the only way. My … Continue reading

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