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Growing Pains

Dear Renea, My 14 year old asked the question, If God knows that someone is not going to choose to follow him, why does he make them in the first place. If he loves us so much, why does he … Continue reading

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Hail the Conquering Graduates!

A collection of helpful resources for students starting college: a few websites, blogs, and books. Continue reading

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New Moon Rising

Change is on the horizon. I’m back at home in Plano, Texas trying to adjust to life back State-side. Just before logging on to write this, I glanced out the window and noticed the mailman pulling up to our mailbox. … Continue reading

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New Season

I just finished packing my bags (each of them way exactly 30 lbs — I’d like to think I’m just that good of a packer!) I’m so used to being able to go to Walmart at my slightest whim that … Continue reading

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