Question Tuesday: Foodies

Every Tuesday we come together to discuss various questions to get to know one another, enriching one another’s lives. Today’s question:

What is your most memorable food experience?

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6 Responses to Question Tuesday: Foodies

  1. Brian says:

    A couple come to mind:
    1. Llama in Bolivia – We visited a small village on the altiplano on Bolivia. The people were so welcoming, and decided to slaughter a llama in our honor. They asked if I wanted to help, so I saw the whole process through, from helping with the slaughtering, to cleaning, to cooking. It really was an amazing experience, and very tasty!

    2. Sharing a bottle of wine with my good friend Josh, a couple nights before he moved away last year. Nothing special about the bottle itself, but it was part of the whole experience: part sweet, part bitter.

  2. Adam Jones says:

    I was in Florida on a business trip. A coupon had been left in my hotel room for a Japanese restaurant that was a good distance away. What the heck. I drove there.

    I was asked if I wanted a private table or if I wanted to sit at the grill where the cook did crazy tricks with the food. I opted for the private table. The menu was indecipherable to me, but I ordered something on a whim – for all I knew, I was ordering cat litter.

    Then, it came to me. In a strange large wooden bucket. I removed the wooden lid and a wonderful aroma of smells erupted from the bucket. I couldn’t see in the broth, but there was a wide assortment of seafood cooked to perfection with udon noodles that had absorbed the spices, as well. I put my chopsticks in and pulled out wonderful things – scallops, fish balls (I don’t name these things), mussels, etc. – and had the best meal of my life. Maybe the adventure of not know anything that was in that bucket and always being pleasantly shocked was the reason it was so good. Either way, I’ve never had such a good eating experience.

    Also, I ate at some very fine restaurants while in Spain (I didn’t pay, which is why I wasn’t eating at sandwich stands), and one of those restaurants was pretty amazing, but I’d take that random Japanese bucket, any day.

    • reneamac says:

      One of my favorite meals was at an El Salvadorian restaurant. The English translation was “Cauliflower with Cheese.” I asked the waitress, “Can you tell me more about this dish?” She looked at me and thought for a moment and said, smiling somewhat apologetically, “Not in English.” I said, “Do you like it?” She said yes and I said, “Okay; let’s do it!” So very delicious. It was a lightly battered cauliflower stuffed with cheese–mozerella–with sauteed tomatoes. I can’t describe it better either. It was wonderful.

  3. Emily says:

    I’m sure all of humanity knows that all of my food moments involve fromage of one type or another, but there are a few exceptional food experiences that stick in my mind. At the top is the “real deal” paella I enjoyed in Spain; a platter larger than Prius came to the table covered in delicious seafood treasures. Had I not been traveling with my high school’s French club (yes, yes, we did Spain and France) I would have loved to pair a gorgeous Spanish wine with the saffron flavors. And if you’re thinking, “where’s the cheese in that?,” it’d be the tapas I had just prior–my first manchego.

    A lot of my other food moments have been on an apartment patio in NW Allen with this girl named Renea. Remember the Camarones En Feugo I made for you?

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